Hp Refurbished Pavilion dm1 Notebook PC,AMD E2,2GB Ram,160GB Hdd – Black

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  • Easily Affordble
  • Super Fast Speed processor AMD E2
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Storage: 160GB Hdd
  • Screen: 11.6 inch
  • HD Graphics: Intel HD Graphics Radeon
  • Ports: Hdmi-out,
  • Speaker by Beats Audio
  • USB 2.0, USB 3.0,
  • SD card reader,
  • dual-band Wi-Fi
  • Camera: 720p webcam,
  • Weight: 1.3kg
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900,000 UGX


Refurbished Pavilion dm1 Notebook PC,AMD E2,2GB Ram,160GB Hdd – Black   The HP Pavilion dm1 is a small and light weight laptop . HP has been offering versions of this little laptop for a few years, and recently upgraded the DM1 with AMD’s second-generation Brazos chips.AMD Brazos 2.0 processors are relatively low power chips that offer better performance than you’d expect from a netbook-class Intel CPU. They also include AMD Radeon HD graphics with support for HD video playback and 3D graphics. Overall, the HP Pavilion dm1 isn’t the fastest notebook around. It’s not the thinnest or lightest. It’s not the quietest, and it doesn’t get the best battery life.But it’s one of the few laptops  in its price range that weighs less than 3.5 pounds, has an 11.6 inch display, gets around 5 hours of battery life, and offers decent performance for everyday computing tasks.HP loaned me a Pavilion dm1 laptop with 2GB of RAM, a 160GB hard drive, and a 1.7 GHz AMD E2-1800 processor for the purposes of this review. , but you can get a model with a smaller hard disk and 1.4 GHz AMD E1-1200 . The laptop can also be configured with more memory, a larger hard drive, or a fast solid state disk.   Design The HP Pavilion dm1 features an 11.6 inch display and an 11.5″ x 8.5″ x 1.3″ case. You probably won’t confuse it with an ultrabook anytime soon — since most of those trendy new ultraportable computers are 0.8 inches or thinner at their thickest points.But this little computer is still smaller than most laptops on the market, and at 3.5 pounds it’s lighter than many higher priced ultrabooks.   The laptop has an all plastic case, but it feels pretty sturdy. There’s also a soft touch panel on the bottom panel and lid that almost has a rubbery texture. It doesn’t show fingerprints as easily as glossy plastic lids — but after a while it does start to collect dust.With the lid closed, laptop has a sort of wedge-shaped design. It’s thinner at the front than in the back, where the battery is located. This also means that when you lift the lid and start typing, there’ s gentle slope to the keyboard. HP has been offering notebooks with 11.6 inch displays for a while, and has figured out how to cram a full-sized keyboard in a relatively small space. The HP Pavilion dm1 has the same keyboard we’ve seen on similarly sized HP notebooks fro the last few years, with an island-style layout featuring flat keys and a little space between each key.If you press down hard on the center keys, the whole keyboard panel will bow inwards a little — but this isn’t something that really bothers me at all.   Performance The HP Pavilion dm1 is one of the first laptops to ship with AMD Brazos 2.0 processors. These chips are a little faster than the AMD E-300, E-350, and E-450 processors released in 2011, and offer slightly higher performance graphics. But overall, they’re not really much different.That’s to say they’re decent processors for the price, but they’re not exactly high performance processors.HP offers the Pavilion dm1 with a 1.4 GHz AMD E1-1200 or 1.7 GHz AMD E2-1800 processor. Both are dual core chips, but since HP only charges $25 more for the faster CPU, I requested a review unit with that processor. I suspect overall performance with an E2-1200 model wouldn’t be that much different. I had no problems surfing the web with multiple browser tabs open, watching most video files, streaming music, editing documents, or performing other basic computing tasks. But this isn’t necessarily the laptop I would grab if I had some serious video editing to do.   It also struggles with Netflix HD video playback. While I was able to play 720p and 1080p HD content from other websites such as YouTube, Netflix video only looked good in standard definition. With HD enabled, the video picture quality looked better, but playback was choppy and the audio and video were out of sync. The same thing happens when you try Netflix HD on computers with first generation Brazos chips, so this isn’t a new problem.Despite the limitations, the Pavilion dm1 with an E2-1800 processor is much, much faster than a typical netbook. It’s just not quite as small.   The computer can handle some 3D gaming duties, and while it’s not as fast as a modern computer with an AMD Trinity or Intel Core series processor, if you don’t expect bleeding edge performance, you could use a computer like the HP Pavilion dm1 as your primary laptop. And if you’re just looking for a light-weight machine for use on the go when you don’t have your bigger, clunkier desktop or laptop with you, the Pavilion dm1 is certainly a cheap alternative to an ultrabook.   Verdict The HP Pavilion dm1 might be one of the best,but it’s not exactly a perfect machine. It’s not as fast, small, or quiet as an ultrabook. And it can’t handle Netflix HD video playback.On the other hand, it’s a great little computer for anyone looking for a larger screen and better performance than you get with most netbooks.

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Hp Refurbished Pavilion dm1 Notebook PC,AMD E2,2GB Ram,160GB Hdd - Black

900,000 UGX

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